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Beach Days, Beach Fun!

Following on from last week’s post, I’ve been thinking about beach activities some more. The beach offers us many opportunities for learning (without knowing) – it brings out our curiosity and our inner explorer 🕵️

This week I took our dog out for her usual walk on the beach (well, I say walk, but being a spaniel she doesn’t really do walking! 😆). Within 200 metres I saw both a jellyfish out of water and a discarded balloon.

The first was obviously fascinating. We had a lot of jellyfish last year and even as I write this, I saw another four today. Never pick them up because even if they don’t sting, you can damage them, just look…

The second is a lesson for us all and one that we can talk to our children about whenever the opportunity arises. This balloon had quite obviously been on a journey… luckily this one was washed up on our beach and I was able to rescue the ocean and put it in the bin, after I’d untangled the living seaweed that it had ensnared on its way into shore.