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It’s not just glue that bonds!

With everything going on in our lives and the busy-ness that fills every moment, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to sit (even though we are told to in this new mental-health aware era). It’s easy to read the words and think “oh, I must give myself a break for 10 mins every day”, but how many times do we actually do it?!


With children factored into the equation, that time seems even more squeezed, as you negotiate your life intertwined with theirs – school, social, clubs, events, parties… the list seems nigh on endless!

So, when do you find the time?!


Kids like to be doing something, don’t they? And I know that you don’t always want them to be glued to a screen. And you need to find some time to stop and breathe…

How about getting creative? Make art or learn a craft, or just build something with empty boxes?! Make a mess! (Ok, so maybe you don’t “do” mess, but with some prep, the “mess” can be contained).

The HUGE benefit of doing something like this with your child(ren) is the MAGIC that happens whilst you are doing it ✨✨✨


Just 20 mins, sat together with paint, scissors, glue, paper… whatever you decide, and you will realise how much conversation, discussion, problem-solving together, laughter and fun can happen!