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Let me tell you a story...

Books, books, books - I love them! Especially children's books... I'll let you into a little secret - I have boxes of them! Maybe for the grandchildren I don't yet have? Or maybe just because I get attached to any book I read... My hubbie isn't best pleased about the boxes - they are heavy and in the loft! - but I do humour him now and again with a "clear-out".

Tucked away are my own children's favourites, you know, those bedtime stories you can still re-tell now without the book! They sit beside the beautiful picture books I couldn't resisit as a teacher and collected to inspire and engage writers and readers of any age. And then there's the 'old' classics - the stories I grew up with and still stand the test of time - The Secret Garden, Tom's Midnight Garden, Stig of the Dump and my all-time favourite, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.


This book handed me the best creative learning lessons as a teacher. I've written before about how children will florish if we let them create, explore and use their hands and minds. So, exploring a book in different ways and re-creating a whole journey through it in 3D just seemed like the perfect way to fully understand and re-tell it, don't you think?!

Where to start? Well, watching the amazing Disney film (quite an upgrade from the BBC drama of my day) is mesmerising and interesting. Children love to watch movies (especially in a classroom!), but to take parts of that story and take proper note of costumes, props, characters, make-up and masks... oh, and then to link it to the book... and when do I read the book? Yes, you heard right - I read the book in class. In today's curriculum it often gets forgotten to read to children, but they get absorbed into a flow that they sometimes can't achieve on their own. It allows them to visualise the story their way, and the bonus is ten (or twenty, if we got carried away...) minutes of silence! Lol!