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Make these sparkling butterfly garden decorations!

I made these sparkling decorations last year as the sun came out. They are an easy way to brighten your garden, despite the up and down weather we are having.

I chose to put mine in our clematis archway, but they could look good hanging anywhere where the sun will catch the gold, and the eye. They have lasted well and still have a sparkle in those odd glints of sunshine!

So, lets get started!

This simple activity needs the following resources:

  • Clay. I used air dry, but you could also use oven baked. I would also choose white clay - I like the fact the white is the background after I have painted them, rather than anything else.

  • Butterfly cookie cutter.

  • Acrylic paint in a variety of colours. I used primary colours as butterflies are usually such a splash of colour against the greenery.

  • Gold paint spray. I used Plasticote* spray, which I think is widely available around the world. (*I am not affiliated)

  • Gold gilding flakes.

  • Modge podge (see below) or PVA glue.

  • Waterproof sealant for air dry clay. I found my sealant with some good reviews on Amazon and, as I say, the butterflies are good a year on! (see details below)

  • Clear fishing line for hanging. I like the fact this line is 'invisible' from a distance at least. It is also waterproof!

Making your butterfly garden decorations

Start by cutting out your butterflies from your clay. Mine were about 3-4mm thickness. Add a hole for hanging using a pencil. Leave to dry for the stated time for your chosen clay. In my case, the air dry clay took about 24 hours to fully dry.