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Seven months on...

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Wow! I can't quiet believe that we have been running workshops now for 7 months! How did that happen?!

Despite lockdown, time has flown by as we have designed, created, prepped and delivered our workshops for all - a real whirlwind of activity, almost without pause!

This week I am reflecting on what we have achieved in this short time, and for those of you who are new to Cygnini, show you what we are about and how our business is developing.


Where it all began...

Back in October 2020, following a stint of homeschooling lives on Facebook, I plucked up the courage to develop a children's Halloween workshop and run it on Zoom, live. It was stepping into the unknown! I had taught classes and classes of children before, I'd even taught one-to-one dyslexia friendly support sessions online, but to run a creative workshop, demonstrating and guiding a number of small people on different screens as they make and create, well, that was something different... deep breath!

I dived in and decided to offer a workshop (or two!) with a craft kit included. This would be addressed to and sent out to the children and I would make every effort to make it a special package! Inside was everything they needed, apart from glue and scissors, a ruler and pencil. There was a message written by me too!

I went about advertising and set up an