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Story-telling – a creative opportunity not to be missed!

Photo credit: s-o-c-i-a-l-c-u-t on Unsplash

Kids love stories, right? If you have children, you will have books – probably lots of them, whether bought, borrowed or lovingly handed down.

If you have been here a while, you will know that I LOVE books and have the most enormous stash of children’s books (now set aside for any grandchildren that may come my way 😉). My children loved a good book every night before sleep.

I also loved to read and be read to as a child (and have recently wondered why I don’t make more time for it now!) but what I remember most vividly is my Grandad telling me stories about his childhood as I drifted off to sleep… I know they were true stories but to me they were a very different world and isn’t that what stories are?

Telling stories orally is as old as time. Before books, this was how the stories that we know as fairy tales were conceived. They were handed down from generation to generation, adapted as they went. It was a natural thing to do, but these days it seems like it’s something we couldn’t do even though we have been brought up with these stories ourselves and know the basic framework of them.


I know, I know… making up stories seems like hard work when there are so many amazing books out there, and then there is the issue that if you are trying to think of something to tell a story about, your mind goes blank!

But how much fun will it be, and I bet your child REALLY enjoys it – even if you think it’s...





They will also benefit from sharing this time with you. They will learn how stories can be told and not written. They may ev