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The joys of homework...part 2

Photo credit: Sarah Brown on Unsplash

When I say the word “creative”, what do you imagine?

I can bet that you think of famous artists, designers or celebrity crafters. You think about people who can make things easily. You think that everyone creative has an art degree of some sort. You might think about musicians or architects… you might not consider yourself. But we all have the potential to be creative and if you’ve lost yours somewhere along the way, you can re-learn if you want to (and if you are reading this, I guess you are interested in creativity).

It’s important that children are given the right opportunities throughout their developmental years so they continue to grow their creativity. If you don’t feel competent enough to support this, then maybe here is a chance to develop together? It’s not something you need to go to school for. Getting creative with your children and learning alongside them will enhance your creative skills (that were there but need to be unburied) too.

Photo credit: Paige Cody on Unsplash

So, let’s look again at some ways you can support your child and get creative with their homework.

Last time we looked at some simple learning activities for word building and sounds. This week let’s think about numbers. Now, I love trying to create maths games for learning, because it lends itself well to active learning, which is a fantastic way to improve your memory muscles and help facts stick. These activities are also adaptable for any number/calculation, so use the games at whichever level or for whichever topic your child needs help with and remember that no matter their age, kids love games and love running around!

Just a note before starting – get your children making the resources with you. This in itself is a great way to learn. Making number cards to fit a