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Giving back

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

Part of my post last week mentioned the word "stress" - yes, I have been affected by something that caused me mental health issues and am (now) happy to share the fact because it's important that people know. I recently shared it in a job interview - and got the job! I went in being open and honest about how I intend to look after my well-being. I know this won't be the same everwhere, but it's good to know that there are people in leadership who value it.

I suffered for what I would consider a relatively short time, and was surprised how long it took me to "recover", but with friends and family around me giving their fabulous support, how could I not "get back" to being me?!

Photo by Artem Kniaz on Unsplash

Mental health is a hot topic (quite rightly!), and has been highlighted even more since lockdown, especially for children. Although we would consider them resilient, some children will lose confidence and a sense of reality when shut up away from their friends, away from physical contact, and away from their teachers too! Even with family close by, the adults that are normally there for them for a significant part of their day are missed. Online schooling is the best alternative to nothing, but it doesn't replace the interactions that take place through a school day.

Parents too have dealt with more than their fair share this year. I can't imagine the amount of juggling it takes to manage you, your family, your job and homeschooling - I am in awe! But all this comes at a price for some - anxiety and stress overload would be inevitable in our family if we had had to do this. How are you feeling? Has juggling left you drained and emotional?