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Through the eyes of a child

Following on from a post I wrote at the end of last year when I had been working with a child who was struggling with their dyslexia, this week I have the pleasure of sharing George Herbert’s story!

I discovered George through his “Kidpreneur” endeavours – a word coined and highlighted by Holly Tucker who is the amazingly creative businesswoman behind Not On The High Street and now, Holly & Co. Holly has been sharing kidpreneur stories and encouraging taking children’s creativity to a new level by starting their own businesses. This is how I found George and I started to follow his story on social media (see links below ⬇️).

Once I realised he was dyslexic (like Holly!) and this didn’t seem to be holding him back, I wanted to find out more and get a child’s view of their own dyslexia so that we can be inspired and maybe find comfort in knowing that it doesn’t hold you back! I asked George if he would highlight for me and you what he feels about his dyslexia and also how his creativity has expanded his world in the form of not one, but two businesses! 🤩

A HUGE thank you to George and his family for taking the time to do this for me, as I know Christmas was an incredibly busy time business-wise, so I (and my readers) are VERY grateful! 🙏

So, here for you this week is my interview (kindly scripted by mum!) with George…

Hello George, can you tell us a little bit about you and your businesses?

Hi! I'm George Herbert and I'm ten and I'm VERY dyslexic! I feel like I should be smart but at school I don't always feel smart. Now I know I'm dyslexic I feel that it's the dyslexia - not just me - that is limiting my ability to do what's expected of me in English lessons at school. I can NOT memorise my times tables, which is a dyslexic thing too - so at least now I know why!!

I feel a bit less embarrassed about it now I know I'm dyslexic. It was a lightbulb moment when I found out - and has actually given me confidence that I can achieve.

My honey soap business, Herbees Honey Soap, is into its second year now. I make and sell soap made